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Spanish Spring and Group Travel

fiesta patio

It’s starting to feel a lot more ‘springish’ around Córdoba already! It was raining earlier this week, but now all the skies are clear and sun is shining brightly. Around the school we’ve got a lot of things going on.

We have a wonderful group of 34 students studying with us right now from Newcastle. They have a range of activites planned in addition to their classes. Today they will be visiting the Castillo de Almodóvar. This week they have already learned to dance Sevillanas, met some Spanish friends, walked through the Judería, visited the Mezquita (Córdoba’s Great Mosque) and learned about Córdoba’s history at the Archeological museum. Tomorrow is their last day with us and we will be having a party. ¡Hasta Pronto!

castillo de almodóvar

When studying a foreign language it is highly beneficial to practise what you have learned in situ. Students that travel and study Spanish with us in Córdoba learn quickly to communicate. One thing that we do with each group of students is to arrange an exchange with local Spanish peers, so that they have a chance to chat naturally. This is usually one of the most memorable parts of their stay!


Cooking Cordobes-style

This week Academia Hispanica students will have the chance to learn how to make some of Cordoba’s tastiest treats.

Our chef will invite students into her home and teach them how to make a complete menu. The real test will be when they finish and the plates get passed around! A complete evening (class and dinner) costs 12.50€.

If you are interested in attending, please phone our office at +34 957 488 002 to book your space.


Feliz Navidad y Prospero Año Nuevo

from all of us at Academia Hispánica!

(Click on the here to view our full Christmas Card)

Group Travel

Academia Hispanica hosts groups of all types throughout the year. We just had an excellent group that we are sad to see go! Here were some trip highlights:

Group Shot

Carriage Ride

Live Flamenco

If you are interested in bringing a group to Spain, contact us and we can help you put together a memorable trip!



Every year Academia Hispanica runs Sevillanas dance lessons in order to get ready for Feria! We started last week and here are the first images (and a video).

Here’s what has to say about Sevillanas:

Traditional folk song proceeding from the seguidilla manchega (from La Mancha), which has taken on some features of flamenco. It was born to accompany the dance that is performed in pairs, in series of four sevillanas. It is the Andalusian dance that has become most popular and, at present, even people in nightclubs dance to it. Once it used to be danced in patios or houses used for neighbourhood gatherings, also known as corrales, and people have always danced to them in romerias and other Andalusian feasts.

Check out our Video here!


Olé Francia

Academia Hispánica has just finished hosting a wonderful group of 52 French students! They were here to discover Córdoba and communicate in Spanish.

The group leader has been bringing her Spanish classes to Spain for 5 years. The last three years she has brought her groups to our school in Córdoba. For her, Córdoba is perfect for bringing her classes as it is a safe, medium-sized city where she doesn’t have to worry about her students. It is easy to get to know and as a huge plus, there is also a lot to see culturally!

52 of them came this year and they seemed like they had a good time! Here are some pictures.


Recent Graduates

These last few weeks we have had some great students walk through our doors. Now it’s time to say goodbye. We’ll miss them lots and wish them the best.



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